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Our Business Continuity

What is your disaster recovery process as well as your disaster contingency?

Call 4 Health uses Backup power Supplies, Battery Backup, and Propane Generator that can fully power our entire office for 10 days 24/7. Our backup site in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania gives us 100% redundancy.

Our Network Redundancy comes from backup data and voice T-1′s on our Primary site and backup site that can be accessed 24/7. All file and database servers are backed up and mirrored to our Conshohocken location. All file and Database servers are backed up to our Raid NAS on primary site.

What are your Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery testing plans? What is the frequency of testing? When was last test completed? What were the results of last test?

We strongly believe in enhanced security and have designed our data systems and telecommunications network to ensure that we have at least two of everything that is vital to our operations. This complete redundancy ensures that we are able to provide full service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

All components on the computer system have complete redundancy with at least one back up. We have multiple T-1’s coming into our main location. Each line is coming in from its own switch. If one switch goes down, all call traffic is automatically rerouted to the other line. There is full Internet T-1 for Internet use with backup T-1 lines for emergency and a full PBX system with fully-integrated functions. Our location has multiple servers with RAID systems for backup and all information is also stored on other servers (not on site). Emergency power is provided by a 40 KVA Liquid cooled Propane generator. In the event of inclement weather or disaster, we can run on back-up generator power for over 10 days. We have multiple modems for faxing and paging. If one goes down – all traffic is automatically rerouted.

We test our backup site once a week. On our last test, we were fully operational on a backup site in a matter of minutes.

What major international virus protection software do you utilize? What is the frequency of making virus updates?

Call 4 Health uses Norton Antivirus Enterprise Edition. We update our virus definition files every day.

Describe the process for providing a secure workspace for the employees and data center environments? Indicate if the location(s) are secure.

All of our server rooms are locked and only IT team and emergency personal have access to it. Our Remote site server room is monitored remotely and locally.

What is your ability to provide unique passwords to all desktop applications?

Call 4 Health takes full advantage of 2008 Active Directory to manage our permission on our Network. Each user has their own unique username and password.

How do you monitor and document network security? Indicate topology, firewalls, etc.

Call 4 Health uses Cisco Routers and Fortinet Firewall. We document all changes made to our Routers and Firewall.

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